2,000 miles (and a farewell to baja)

Earlier today we officially marked our 2,000th (nautical) mile! Not bad. And to think, it only took us three months. If it were a little less windy we’d set off one of Aunt Mary’s lanterns… but on our 1,000th mile we learned never to set off a flaming flying lantern while going downwind.

We’re currently right in the middle of the Sea of Cortez (our home for the last month) crossing from La Paz to Mazatlan. So far the crossing has been excellent. Fair consistent winds are currently pushing us along at a pretty constant 5 knots (6mph which we consider fast). We just pulled a baguette out of the oven, and a gigantic 3.5 foot sierra caught while leaving La Paz has been keeping us well fed. All in all, its hard to complain.

Tomorrow we’ll show up in the tropics. Technically we’ve crossed the tropic twice now (first time was just outside Cabo), but the climate there is more desert than tropical. Baja is in general been dry, dusty and cactus ridden. The sort of place that makes you look around for tumbleweeds each time the wind blows. In Mazatlan we’ve heard rumors of coconuts, banana trees, and warmer weather. I think we’re all excited for a change of pace.

There were easily hundreds of noteworthy events from our stay in Baja, but radio email is slow, so we’ll just give each a few short words. Apologies if none of this makes sense, but we have to save at least some stories for when we get back.

Juan’s Turtle Bay borrachera, an accidental kill and release, ha ha party and subsequent beach stranding in Bahia Santa Maria, farewell to Dosh, hello Dad, Dad gets to experience the most uncomfortable night of our trip, a forced stop in San Jose del Cabo, a coin flip seals MerSea’s fate, Dad’s “cab” ride with Jose Napoleon, a bagpipe concert from friends on Tahnoo, wind from every direction, Omar meets us in La Paz, our first island stop at Isla Partida, snorkeling and a party on Koh-Ring, donkey chase in San Evaristo, perro bravo, birthday backflips, the best homemade pasta ever made on a boat, Pedro introduces us to 1.2 liter Pacifico bottles, Loreto, farewell Omar, a hike up Steinbeck Canyon, a pig roast for Thanksgiving, waiting out a blow in Puerto Escondido, a trip to the oldest mission in baja, meeting a mountain shamen, a night nobody remembers, four dudes in romantic honeymoon cove, beach campfire, everything smelling like beach campfire, a giant moray eel steals two freshly speared hogfish, coolest (kind of rolly) anchorage yet at Ensenada Grande, Linus in La Paz, Lucas the Argentinian fire dancer and the traveling family, fish tacos, fish tacos, and an accidental pufferfish spearing.

-Alex and Nick

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3 Responses to 2,000 miles (and a farewell to baja)

  1. Oh there is a book in there somewhere! You’d better write it when you get back!!! Loving the vicarious journey.

  2. Mom (Sara) says:

    Ooooooh! Banana trees? Coconuts? Warmer weather? This sounds perfect! It was fun to think of this post being sent from the middle of the Sea of Cortez. I’m loving that technology! Now you’ve got me very curious to hear more details about some of those milestones: the shamen, the night nobody remembers and the traveling family are especially intriguing. Gracias dear sons for the terrific update.

  3. Erin says:

    Yay for 2,000 miles! Sounds like all those fish-catching books are being put to good use. We love all the updates from whoever is there to write them, but we especially appreciate the posts from you guys. So a request to send some short radio ones as you can… Enjoy the warmer weather & the true tropical climate! (I visited the desert in Arizona earlier this year and can concur that it is definitely not the same as the tropics and you are always on the lookout for tumbleweeds.)

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