A formal request


My brother and I along with a dear friend will be leaving this May in a 32 foot sailboat in an attempt to complete a 2 year circumnavigation.  We’ve just finalized the purchase of our boat, and the time has come to think of a new name for her.  Among other things, the three of us are united by a love of your music and have seen you every time you make it through San Francisco.  On our way to your last SF show, we stumbled upon what we think is the perfect name: Saltbreaker.  Your music (especially the nautically themed) has been instrumental these past few years in keeping us motivated as we skimped and saved in preparation for the trip.

The reason for this email is first and foremost to keep you in the loop, and also to ask for your approval.  We’ll be sure to blast your tunes as we make our way around, so be prepared for packed houses next time you play in the Solomon Islands.  There will be a send-off party before we leave, which you are of course invited to.  More details to come if you’re interested.

Hope all is well,
Nick Kleeman
Alex Kleeman
Dave Green

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  1. Tom Kleeman says:

    Some of us need to know who Laura is …


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