Baha Ha Ha according to Dosh Part III (or Dosh is finally done)

I have decided to post my experiences with Saltbreaker in three parts and in relatively rapid succession since this is sort of past due and I just had too much to say for one post. I thank the permanent Saltbreaker crew again for letting me contribute to your blog and of course for allowing me to join you for this leg of your trip. Parts I and II are further below, read, or don’t read, at your leisure.

Game plan for final leg: wake up at 4:45 am, pull up anchor and be on our way to Cabo by 5 am, way before the other boats. Easy. No problem. Done.

When I am awoken by Kleeman the next morning he tells me its 6:30 am and we have to go, we slept through Dave Green’s alarm. Well, that didn’t work quite as planned but not to worry as we will still leave the anchorage around 7am with all the other boats and be in Cabo in plenty of time for the scheduled ‘Get Squiddy’ party at Squid Roe in Cabo the following night. We leave the anchorage, throw up the sails and we are on our way.

But something seems wrong, something is missing, what could it be? Oh, there’s no wind. We hear that there is wind further out to sea though, so slowly we make our way out. However, the further we go the less wind we seem to encounter. But we push on, driven by the notion that if we sail this full last leg we will have sailed the entire way from San Diego to Cabo, not including harbors or anchorages, and we will be instilled with a pride that can only come from the notion that you are a ‘pure’ sailor who only travels with the wind. Several hours pass and our speed continues to decrease along with the wind, 3 knots, 2 knots, 1.5 knots. Our spirits continue to diminish but just as we start to lose all hope we hear the words, ‘screw this let’s throw on the engine and get to Cabo.’ Indeed, screw this; let us throw on the engine and high tail it to Cabo for the much anticipated ‘Get Squiddy’ Party.

The throaty thump of the engine is not quite as quiet as relying only on the wind for propulsion, but our speed increases significantly. With any luck we’ll be in Cabo in 24 hours. And, as luck would have it, just as the sun is setting over the horizon and hunger is setting in our stomachs the fishing pole pulls and whizzes loudly, fish on. I’ll let the details of how this sea beast was hauled in to the permanent Saltbreaker crew, but needless to say there was a lot of yelling, assurances that ‘this must be a marlin, ‘ and the end result of a 48 inch Dorado and some of the most delicious and freshest fish tacos on earth.

The remainder of our voyage to Cabo encompassed eating lots of fish, partaking in our fare share of rum, not too much, wearing only a bathing suit for night watches, and observing the water temp rise to over 80 degrees while the color of the water turned to an incredibly vibrant blue. Not too shabby.

We arrive in Cabo with full bellies and healthy tans with just enough time to grab some tacos before heading over to Squid Roe where we will surely ‘get squiddy.’ But as we enter Squid Roe we realize that we may have been mislead into how much fun this actually would be as the drink prices here appear to be nearly 3 times more than some of the more local establishments, surely they must be joking? New plan then, we’ll buy our own drinks from a grocery store and sneak them in, genius, what could go wrong? Needless to say 10 people sitting in a booth and all drinking cokes at Squid Roe probably stuck out like a sore thumb, and we were politely asked to leave by the bar’s manager. At least he was gracious.

In the end we were better off, and had a great night perusing some of Cabo’s other establishments. We’ll take some solace in the fact that we actually ended up in a respectable second place in our division for the Ha Ha rally as well.

Looking back on this trip I can say with certainty that these guys are in for one over the top grand adventure that will likely shape experiences that will be carried with them for the rest of their lives. I hope I’ll get a chance to join you again in the future for more jokes, sleepless nights, and memorable moments.


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3 Responses to Baha Ha Ha according to Dosh Part III (or Dosh is finally done)

  1. Rob says:

    Well chronicled Dosh! Thanks for sharing the adventure.

  2. Mom (Sara) says:

    Well, Dosh, considering how unimpressed I was with Sleepy Hollow Elementary School’s writing program, it certainly appears that you and the boys have became wonderful writers in spite of it all. Thanks for all of the details and the entertaining stories – and most of all, thanks for sharing it with everyone. I know alot of people who have already read your posts and feel like I do: that you took us along with you on your “refreshingly breathtaking and awesome while simultaneously exhausting and unwieldy” adventure!!

  3. jennifer matuschek says:

    Wonderfully told by a gifted voice Dosh! Now you have set the bar for postings here. Wish you good land adventures and thank you for the marvelous time spent with you and the SB crew during the Ha-Ha!
    crew on the Mer Sea

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