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Alex and I are just getting ready to dinghy to shore when we see a powerboat approaching. Four guys are packed in the small yellow craft which is followed closely by an outrigger canoe with an outboard engine strapped to … Continue reading

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We arrive outside of Fatu Hiva, the eastern-most island of Polynesia in the early morning of our twenty-third day at sea. It is still dark out when I wake up for my shift, but you can just make out the … Continue reading

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The crossing

Each day of the crossing we sent out a location update along with a brief daily update. Heres the full set of updates: April 17th, 2012: 0 45’S 90 18’W Arrived in Galapagos on Saturday. Equator crossing was a success, … Continue reading

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We could all together go out on the ocean

A spot location!  A small bit of excitement comes over me as I find time to check my personal email during an otherwise mundane yet stressful work day.  I enter their coordinates.  Yes Google Maps, I do want this location, … Continue reading

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Meet Helmer

There’s something we have to tell you. All this time you’ve thought there were just the three of us aboard Saltbreaker, but the truth is: there’s a fourth. I think its about time you meet Helmer our auto-helm (or auto-pilot). … Continue reading

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Manuel Antonio Costa Rica, an Introduction.

This gallery contains 26 photos.

Travel Day After watching the boys set sail from San Francisco, and all the associated feelings that went along with that – (See Nick’s blog entry to name a few – ) I was not at all sure I … Continue reading

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The sun had just risen and was struggling to force its way through the patchwork of fair-weather cumulus that had been following us through the convergence zone. Ahead of us one cloud looked out of place. It was darker than … Continue reading

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Island Bound

After our first provisioning run, we returned to the boat, dug deep into lockers we never touch, and pulled every scrap of food we own outside into the cockpit. Each item was added it to an inventory list, grouped with … Continue reading

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Our Last Days in Costa Rica with Saltbreaker

Approaching Isla Tortuga After a calm 6 hour sail from Tambor which included a textbook spinnaker run, we found ourselves at Isla Tortuga. After about another hour of nervously watching the depth finder we were able to firmly anchor off … Continue reading

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Tamarindo to Tambor

After the eventful first evening we all woke up refreshed early on the first morning. After a quick breakfast and thorough bailing of water out of the dinghy we set off for shore. Tamarindo is a small surf town that … Continue reading

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