Haul Out

In the past several months we’ve seen dozens of boats; most of them here in the bay area, and several in La Paz. Of all the boats we’ve seen, some were out of our price range while others would potentially need years of work before they would be ready. One in particular, a Valiant 32′ stood out and we began to pursue it.

A couple of weeks ago we took it out for sea trials in the bay, and after a bit of consideration took the next step and had it hauled out of the water for a survey. Right now the ship is on blocks at a boatyard awaiting the finalization of the deal. Neither Alex nor myself are very good at negotiating, so the past few days we’ve been stressing out while trying to talk a bit off the asking price from an owner that we both like. We agreed on a number today and both sides seem happy with the outcome, so after a brief engine survey tomorrow we’ll pass the point of no return and throw untold months of hard earned money into a 32 foot ship which will be our home for the next few years.

It would be terrifying if it weren’t so exciting.

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  1. Bill Rattunde says:

    Becky May mentioned your blog/plan. I’ve spent lots of time on a friends valiant 40. great boat! It has been to the med twice (Turkey and back) and as far N as Alaska and S to NZ and taken all the southern ocean can throw at it. It has had lots of attention from a very committed owner but served them well. good luck.

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