I Know A Guy

Actually, my girlfriend Lauren’s parents’ high school friend knows a guy, who knows a guy who sailed around the world (Kevin Bacon may actually be closer).  The important part however is that a few weeks ago we were fortunate enough to be introduced to Larry Jacobson, who recently returned from a successful circumnavigation and who graciously volunteered his (and his partner Ken’s) time to sit down and talk with us about their trip and make sure we weren’t forgetting something in our planning.

Armed with two pizzas and two thousand questions we showed up at his apartment where we instantly began absorbing everything they had to say.  Nearly five hours later we left inspired, motivated and perhaps (just a little) terrified.  You can see some of the key points from the notes we put on our wiki.

Equipment-wise we felt like we were fairly on top of what we needed, our boat came well equipped which means we’ll have the benefit of things we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford (radar, redundant self-steering …).  Thats not to say we won’t be making some painfully expensive trips to the chandlery but given our other choices of boats we’re feeling we made the right choice.  Talking with Larry helped us prioritize some of the major purchases we’ll need to make.

The real value of talking with Larry and Ken, was the reassurance that we actually are on the right track.  We’ve been planning non-stop, and you begin to wonder if your research is founded too much on books and internet and not enough on experience.  Before our meeting with Larry I was scared about lack of off-shore experience, storms, groundings, etc.  Afterwards I’ve found the only thing that actually scares me is the idea of leaving a city and lifestyle I love.  But also more than ever, I can’t wait to leave.

Go Man Go!

Larry just released a book about his trip, “The Boy Behind the Gate”.  If you’re interested, you can buy it off his site (in which case he gets more money) or off Amazon (in which case he gets more acknowledgement).

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4 Responses to I Know A Guy

  1. Mollie says:

    Kevin Bacon is closer! Your cousin’s (me) friend worked with his uncle! So you are like, You>Me>Friend>Uncle>Kevin, 5 degrees away from him. And everyone you know is officially 6 degrees.

  2. Bill Claypool says:

    I’m so glad you connected with Larry. He is a great source of information and valuable reality. I helped him get ready for his trip. The book is great and a must read. We’ll be following you on your blog. Altho’ my partner and I didn’t go “’round” in our Nordic 44 we’ve been offshore to La Paz, MX and up and down the CA coast a dozen or so times. The preparation for off shore, like in everything, is the key. It is definitely “all about the boat.” Let us know if we can help with additional insights.

  3. Steve says:

    Geeez, I have more questions now than before. Especially after reading about your get-together with Larry and Ken. Like, what pests are there in the Indian Ocean? And what’s a snubber?
    Seriously, this is fascinating reading. You guys are the best writers. Wish some of your writing skills would have rubbed off on me.

  4. David says:

    Hey guys,

    Josh, a good friend of mine who you all met on the camino, pointed me to your blog. I’ve really enjoyed reading it. That wiki is a great resource – thanks!

    My wife and I are wanting to do this kind of thing some day. I was wondering how much experience you 2 have sailing? I just have a couple years and am wondering at what point I should feel like it’s enough to take the plunge…


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