• Larry Jacobson — Circumnavigator, author of “The Boy Behind The Gate”, and Saltbreaker’s cruising consultant
  • Panache — A friend from the Baja Ha-Ha
  • Ustupu — More friends from the Ha-Ha
  • Double Diamond — We almost hit them in the middle of the ocean, and they blogged about us, check it out.
  • Fourth Thing — Our good friend Mickey documents the language learning process
  • 2 Horses Southbound — Our friend Orion’s epic horseback journey from Central to South America
  • Wikitabs — a Saltbreaker side project
  • Valiant — Saltbreaker’s manufacturer

4 Responses to Links

  1. Jim Hassberger says:


    We were the boat just off your port stern as you passed the entrance to Marina Palmira this afternoon (Sunday Dec 4.) Tried to hail you to say hi to you and our little sister. You guys looked great sailing down the channel.

    If you are going to be in La Paz for a while, get in touch. Love to meet you.

    Jim & Jeanne
    s/v Kanga Valiant 40 #278
    Lying La Paz, BCS MX

  2. Jordan says:


    Great to meet you in Sayulita. Give me a holler if you are ever in Seattle.

    My phone number is 253-678-5863
    My ocean row website is
    my book website is

    Take care!


  3. 94Lesli says:

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  4. Nate F says:

    Hello, I am a soon to be graduate and have a few questions for Nick. I’ve read through your blogs and watched an interview with your sailing crew conducted by Brian of
    SV Delos. If any of your crew happen to read this, it would be greatly appreciated if I could have the opportunity to email Nick about a few questions that happened to come to mind during my time watching and reading through your adventures. Thank you for any help you can provide.

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