Navidad in Navidad

Once again it’s been proven to me that it’s not the places, it’s the people.

We arrived in Barra Navidad on Christmas Eve morning, after a day and a half of motoring. When we motor it feels like we’re in a submarine, or some old tug or something. The diesel is all. The engine’s so loud and so hot that it’s just omnipotent when it’s running. You can’t escape it anywhere on the boat. The radio is turned louder, conversations are amped up to low yells, and after a while the expression, “I can’t hear myself think”, starts to be about the most complicated thought in your head.

The 36 hour motor though, was absolutely worth it. We were motoring because we had a date. Ustupu, a 31 foot sailboat we befriended during the Ha Ha, was waiting for us at anchor. Dan and Sylvie, a couple from Vancouver, have been out for about a month longer than us, and have a pretty similar trip plan to us. We decided to meet up for an interboat secret santa on Christmas. But that was still a day away.

When we arrived we said hi to Dan and Sylvie, anchored, and took a short nap before blowing up the dinghy and planning to grab lunch ashore with Ustupu. We didn’t make it past the fuel dock before a couple on a small fishing boat started offering us champagne and asked us to join them for a day of wakeboarding.  How could we refuse?

‘Wakeboarding’ was absolutely amazing, though I have to say they must have a different idea of the sport in Mexico. Our hosts, Alex from Mexico and Martine from Croatia, dropped our dinghies back at our boats, and took us on a lagoon cruise. They surprised us again and again with their generousity, from the free champagne to an amazing grilled fish and banana lunch (picked up at a local restaurant and eaten on the beached fishing boat), to Alex lending us his phone to call our parents, and on and on from there. We never even saw a wakeboard.

Alex took us back to his place and we swam in his hottub, drank amazing wine, grilled steaks for dinner, and baked brownies. We also learned about Sylvie’s unbridled love for inflatable pool crocodiles.

Once again it’s been proven to me that it’s not the places, it’s the people.
Christmas day was spent recovering, and Christmas night we had our third great meal since arriving, aboard Ustupu. We traded gifts (hammock, portable battleship, machete, you know, the usual), and spent a relaxing evening with Ustupu.

Dan and Sylvie left the next morning for Zihuatanejo, where we planned to meet up with them for New Year’s Eve, and Nick, Alex, and I stayed for a couple more days in Navidad.

On the 27th I went off to a great french coffee shop in town to write, and ended up running into some great local girls who invited us all out dinner. They spoke great English and it was a blast sitting down to talk about Mexico with some locals our age. They’d come down to Navidad on a spur of the moment road trip. Super gregarious and kind. We sat in a local surfer bar, threw back some beers, and traded stories. Just another amazing time that appeared out of nowhere.

Couldn’t ask for a better Christmas.

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  1. Frances May says:

    Thanks loads for the wonderful description of Christmas and New Years in another place and time! Keep writing!

  2. Sarah says:

    I’m really excited about your life.

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