New years toast

During our two weeks together, (it started with Nick’s birthday and evolved) a small toast for celebratory events was developed. Here is a revised version for my dear friends on the Saltbreaker for 2012:

May the winds carry you swiftly and safely, while the sun shines on your shoulders (and legs)

Let the sea’s feed you it’s delicious fruits, without asking for the same in return.

Please keep problems on the boat from arising (i.e. parts breaking) faster, than you can fix them!

Hopefully each port will provide new experiences, opportunities, acquaintances, cheap bayuns of Pacifico, culinary ingredients, fast internet, fishing equipment and spare parts, (hold on … let me catch my breath) without burdening you with stolen outboard motors, cockroaches or no-seems.

With all these heartfelt wishes, I raise a bottle of Pacifico to the crew of the Saltbreaker and the majestic vessel they call home.




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2 Responses to New years toast

  1. frances says:

    Linus–you stated so beautifully how we all feel about this journey the boys have undertaken. Thank you so much! Mama May and Grandpa

  2. Tom Kleeman says:

    Hear, Hear !

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