Old Haunts, New Year’s.

You wake up. 7:00AM. Wait for the sun to rise. Dive in the water. You snorkel in the place you first learned how. Back to the boat. You turn on the motor. Head to Zihuatanejo. Whales. Humpbacks. You pop it in neutral. Tail slaps. You turn around. Tandem dorsal slaps. You get out your camera. Broach. Happy New Year’s.

You anchor in Zihuatanejo. Dinghy to Ustupu. Dan, Sylvie, Jeff. You blow out candles on your belated b-day/timely New Years cinnamon bun cake. Rum and cokes. You swim to shore. Walk to town. Lobster dinner. Pina coladas (with free aluminum shavings!). Happy New Year’s.

You walk to the square. Countdown starts. Tiny fireworks. The locals want a photo. You turn around. Fire dancers. Head to a bar. Start dancing. Everyone clears out (and not in the good way). Back to the table. Singer starts her act…his act? Tranny Bar. Happy New Year’s.

You walk out of a restaurant. Your mouth on fire. Habenero. You head home. Road dead ends. Rocky beachfront. You decide to hike it. An hour passes. It’s impossible. Back to the deadend. Back to the road. Back to the beach.  Sea turtle, burying her eggs.  Swim to the boat. You fall into bed. 7:00AM. Wait for the sun to rise. Happy New Year’s.

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3 Responses to Old Haunts, New Year’s.

  1. jennifer matuschek says:

    fabulous, what more could you ask for in life for New Year’s…or any day? :)

  2. Judi says:

    And for this, you left home? Really? What were you thinking?

    Happy New Year’s to the Saltbreaker crew – and a more hearty, hardy group there never was.

    Love you all.

  3. Tom Kleeman says:

    So you really did learn to snorkle in Mexico? How cool is that. My inaguration was Hanauma Bay, you never forget. Alex was 2 and liked feeding goldfish crackers to the tropical fish.

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