On My Way

I often wonder what others think life is like underway.  I assume some people picture us sipping rum drinks watching the sun melt behind a feature-less horizon.  Others (mom?) may picture us bobbing around in a dark windswept landscape wearing bright yellow foul weather gear and clutching the wheel as wave after wave sends saltwater pouring over our heads.  Each of those hold some merit.  We do drank a lot of rum, though not during passages, and there have been waves that broke into the cockpit, but very rarely. A more accurate picture involves one of us sleeping and the other(s) reading, occasionally scanning the horizon, trimming sails, smacking some sense into helmer, cooking or for the most part just staring blankly at the water going by.  You’d really be amazed how long you can stare at nothing but water.

When we set out from Tonga for New Zealand I decided I would take a bunch of video clips that would capture a sense of what its like underway.  The crossing should typically take 9-10 days but it took us a slow 14.  As a result, what might have been a video filled with exciting shots of Saltbreaker pushing water out of its way, is instead one filled with flogging sails, glassy seascapes and floating fields of pumice.  That said, the video did do an excellent job of capturing the feeling of the trip.  That means its extremely boring.  Since I know not everyone has an 8 minute attention span I decided to make two seperate options.

Option 1) Two weeks of life at sea compressed into eight minutes.  Sure its a bit long, and there isn’t any added music, but I personally think its an accurate snapshot of our crossing. If you get bored pick up a book, thats what we’d do.  Watch this one 2000 times in a row it’ll be just like actually making a crossing!

Option 2) A four minute version backed by the cheesiest Phil Collins song I could find, complete with situation specific lyrics.  It’ll make you feel like you’re watching the intro to an 80’s movie.  I also added captions, just like a VH1 pop-up video.  Come to think of it this option is not an option, its mandatory.

Option 1.

Option 2.


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4 Responses to On My Way

  1. DG says:

    These spinnaker pole shots sure are nice, but why didn’t you just use a kite instead?!

  2. Linda Binder says:

    After cruising on the largest cruise ship a few weeks ago and seeing how insignificant even that ship was on the open seas, I can only say how amazing your travel is. And amazing can hardly describe your journey. The ship we were on had a crew of
    over 2000!!!! Have a wonderful, safe adventure.

  3. jennifer matuschek says:

    fabulous! watched both with envy and joy! thx for sharing!

  4. Erin says:

    Fascinating! Thanks for sharing these videos!

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