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You may have noticed that every once and a while our location gets posted to facebook. You also may have noticed that the last two weeks have been a bit sparse on the updates. Had I not messed up the spot-facebook link you would have watched us as we crept along the coast of Santa Cruz Island over the last week (we averaged 2 miles a day), but now we think we have spot all straightened it all out.

Now instead of checking facebook for our spot updates (though they’ll still go there too) you can sign up for a mailing list by going to the location page. By signing up you’ll get e-mails everytime we send out pings (via spot) and occasionally some more informative updates from our SSB radio.

As proof, this post is actually being sent via radio on our way to LA! We’re currently about 5 miles off port hueneme after having spent the last few days in Oxnard waiting out a front that brought high winds and rain.

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  1. Gloria Kellenberger says:

    I am so enjoying reading your blog! I am so glad I finally made time to read it. As a Mom I too was filled with emotion and had a tear in my eyes as I read of your send of.
    I will keep you all in prayer. Happy sails to you.

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