The Picture

“Haul in the line! … Wait, no. Let go of the line!”.

We had just minutes ago passed under the golden gate, passing around our bottle of rum, toasting each other, the trip, and posing for the picture … which actually was several pictures. One was being taken every two seconds from the camera we had tied to a small kite behind the boat. Imagine, a time-lapse video of us leaving the gate from a camera 50 feet behind the boat!

We had actually rehearsed this kite-camera trick a few months ago on our trip to China Camp, and despite the camera whipping left and right (sometimes performing a loop-d-loop) the pictures had turned out incredible. These ones would be epic, just us the golden gate, and nothing but water. Then, the kite hit the water. We ran to the cockpit and pulled on the line hoping to lift the kite from the water (all that did was cut up our hands), we quickly changed strategy and let go of the line. Two minutes under the gate and we we were about to practice a man (or rather kite) overboard drill.

I’ll spare the details but as you can tell from the post, none of those pictures are attached. We retrieved the kite flawlessly (previous man-overboard drills paid off), the camera however was no longer attached. The first of thousands of things we’re bound to lose overboard.

Instead (assuming a picture is worth a thousand words) I’ll recreate 10.4% of one of them:

Picture San Francisco bay, glowing in the warmest day of the year, the three of us up on deck admiring the bridge above us, the pacific in front and the city behind. The wind just strong enough to help us make way against the now flooding current, but still light for the bay. We take turns saluting each other and swigging from the leather pouch of milestone rum, and looking back at the city, family and friends we were about to leave in our wake. The way I’m describing it sounds epic but actually it felt really normal. Normal, exciting and absolutely perfect.

Thanks to everyone who came out to our send off events, it really made our day having you there.

look mom, life vests.

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7 Responses to The Picture

  1. Janis Denman says:

    Thanks to your vivid description, the bridge is in the picture! All the best on your trip, and so glad we can follow it through the Saltbreaker blog. Wish we could have been at the send off. Love you guys, and stay safe!!

  2. Judi Delgado says:

    “You’re killin’ me, Smalls.” Full of heartache, excitement and love. Go.

  3. Frances May says:

    I’ve already printed your pics and they are on our frig–just like when you both left for first day of school or did the Pilgrimage in Spain, or Alex-when you went to Egypt and then Nick sent great pics from S. Korea! Our frig is large and waiting for more so keep is busy printing!! Keep our love in your hearts–all the way round!! mm & grandpa

  4. Uncle Bill says:

    Like Jan, I loved the description and can picture it well. You’ll all be in my thoughts during this amazing adventure you’re starting.

    Lots of love,

  5. Mary (Kleeman) Kaminski says:

    This is wonderful! We are getting pictures fron the trip and your amazing descriptions. Love it!

  6. Mom (Sara) says:

    I’m so sad about the camera!! And I’m sure that you are even sadder. I know how fabulous those videos had turned out when you used it in the past and how excited you were to use it. Must think of a way to get another one to you somehow!! Hope it’s the first and last little treasure lost…..

    Your description was worth much more than you think – your elegant writing helped me picture what the moments were like for you as you saluted each other and looked back to admire the bay.

    Yes, San Francisco was “glowing in the warmest day of the year” – incredibly so. It felt like a wonderful omen for your trip to be standing there in the warm sunshine and clear blue sky, waving at Saltbreaker for the last time after you had turned the boat toward all of us lined up on the pier. It was a touching final gesture before you turned and then headed out towards the Golden Gate. It was definitely a ‘golden gate’ on Sunday in many ways!

    Fare thee well my dear boys!!! And thanks for the blog that’s keeping us all in touch!

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